Friday, February 15, 2013


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It wont be the same as before. Giving u another chance is like putting myself in the risk of relationship. My heart and my wound  need time to heal. Yes i know n i can see efforts that u did to heal my wound. .but i need more time to forget everything that happened. And it might takes sometimes for me to build 100% trust towards u. . n ill try my best to build that trust again. Yes im scared now. .im scared to get hurt again n again.  May my heart be in peace. .

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Love Will Always Last (english) - Edward Chun (Save the Last Dance f...

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i hope that our love will always last. .stop breaking my heart. .

what should i do

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What should i do rite now..? i do love him so much. i cant push him away from my heart. .i cant push him from my life. . i want him to be mine forever. .

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ya Allah

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Ya Allah, berikan la kekuatan utk hambaMU ini menghadapi segala dugaan yg sedang dihadapi. .Sesungguhnya hanya kepadaMU aku mengadu dan meluahkan segalanya. .memang betul, kebenaran itu kadang kala mnyakitkan. .aku menghadapi dugaan ini sekali lagi. mmg org akn ckp, move on with your life. .dan bnda tue betul, tapi sebagai org yg mnghadapi bnda nie. .susah sgt utk melupakan kepahitan tue..dan mngambil masa utk move on. .Semoga aku hadapi dgn tenang. .

Thursday, January 24, 2013


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Ailee - 보여줄게 (I'll Show You) [Han & Eng]

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i'll show u one day. .i can live without u. .i can do anything without u. .

thanks to u. .

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Thank u Allah for showing me this now than later. and thanks to u cause showed me your true color. Yes, it was really hurt my feeling to know the truth but ill accept with open heart. I believe in "semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya". .so now. .im in the process of healing my broken heart. Thank u for everything. .thank u for breaking my heart into pieces. .thank u for broke all your promises. .thank u for being honest. .thank u cause cheated on me. . One day i'll show u. . From now, we are officially over. there's no more us. .

Shout out~


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